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MAIDIS is a software company specialized in medical information systems and services that add value to Patients and all those involved as Caregivers.

In 2007, MAIDIS went international with the creation of MAIDIS International in partnership with the Emirates Advanced Investment (EAI) conglomerate. Since, MAIDIS opened offices in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain (development center).

Today, MAIDIS has consolidated its position as a leading provider of global Health Information Systems, incorporating all functions of the hospital. The MAIDIS offer provides, besides the Patient Record, financial management, logistics, inventory management, human ressource management or wealth management.

MAIDIS owes this success to its knowledge: its over 20 years' experience, its dedicated and ongoing investment in R & D, as well as its ability to continuously make its products evolve.

MAIDIS solutions are based on a single technology platform, 'MAIDINA'. This makes it possible to build a global integrated solution, reliable, robust, efficient and progressive, meeting the needs of healthcare facilities, regardless of their size.

MAIDIS solutions are used by thousands of professionals in France and abroad in different type of facilities and by numerous physicians [Red Cross, MGEN, INSEP, Oasis Hospital, Pointe à Pître Hospital...]

MAIDIS makes the commitment, today and in the years to come, to carry on its efforts to allow its users to benefit permanently from the last technological and functional evolutions, while maintaining a high quality level, and with the continuous concern of the ease of use for its users.